VEGA Professional VW-320

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Welding Machine Inverter application

The invertor welding machine VW-320 is intended for use in construction, car-care centers, metalworking, used as professionals and as an inexpensive inverter welding machine for the home.

Why is it profitable to buy this particular welding inverter?

The housing of the welding inverter is made of metal. Metal reliably protects the inside of the welding inverter from damage during transportation and transportation.

Inverter welding machine, thanks to new technologies, is able to weld metals even at low line voltages. So even with a voltage of 160 V, the welding inverter is able to weld metals of small thickness.

Thanks to the developments of the engineers of TM VEGA Professional, the welding arc exactly falls into the welded area.

For the convenience of adjusting the welding current, the welding inverter is equipped with a liquid crystal display. The display shows welding current values.

For ease of operation and depending on the type of metal for welding, two adjustment knobs are located on the front panel. By adjusting knobs it is possible to regulate not only the welding current but also the welding power.

For ease of carrying the welding machine is equipped with a convenient belt that allows you to carry the device on the shoulder.

The inverter welding machine is equipped with an advanced cooling system, it ensures the durability of the transformer. Thanks to this function, the inverter welding machine is a professional tool.

The welding mask includes a welding mask, a hammer for removing slag and scale, a welding cable with a holder for the electrode.

How to use an inverter welding machine?

Using this device is not difficult. For ease of use in each set enclosed instruction manual.

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Buy the welding machine for the house

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3 year warranty on the inverter welding machine from the manufacturer — a serious bid for the quality of the product.

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