VEGA Professional VP-1200

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Electric planer VP-1200 application

The VEGA Professional VP-1200 electric planer is designed for use in woodworking. With the help of this planer you can plan wooden boards, remove edges, perform trimming and many more other operations. In addition to a reliable helper around the house, you get a quality professional tool.

Why is it profitable to buy this electric planer?

The body of the electric planer is made of environmentally friendly polymeric materials without the characteristic smell of cheap plastic.

For convenience, the plastic case in the places of contact with the hand is treated with a special silicone material to ensure anti-slip.

Light weight electric planer helps minimize hand fatigue.

In front of the electric planer body there is an adjusting screw for the position of the shift of the platform guide. The screw is sealed in a plastic case to allow the platform to be adjusted by hand without the use of special tools. A gauge for adjusting the platform with fixed values ​​is pasted on top of the screw of the handle.

With this adjustment knob, you can work with both hands.

The working platform of the electroplane consists of two parts — the main fixed and the additional adjustable. The platform is made of an aluminum alloy with heat treatment. This feature helps to increase the service life of the platform and to ensure constant surface polishing, for the convenience of sliding on wood.

The front part of the platform of the electric planer is adjustable in height relative to the main part of the platform. This feature allows you to adjust the thickness of the wooden surface.

In the back of the platform provides lock stand on the spring. It is designed to install the plane on the surface to be processed without touching the planed material by the cutting edge of the knives. In addition, for placing the platform on one level with a lock, a plastic stand is included. This stand is mounted in front of the platform. Thus, Vega Pro cares not only about the safety of users of this power tool but also about ensuring the safety of the material being processed from unwanted damage.

Between the two platforms is a drum with sharp knives. Knives are made of high-strength process steel, which ensures long-term work without additional sharpening of knives.

If the knives have become unusable due to foreign objects in the tree (nails, screws, bolts, screws). The electric planer Vega Pro VP-1200 is completed with additional replaceable knives. As long as you sharpen the basic knives, your work will not be idle.

In the case when the knives still blunted, they can be corrected. While the main knives will be with the master for sharpening, your replaceable knives in the case of blunting are quickly corrected manually. In this case, the fastening is made in the form of bolts with a lamb, which in turn ensures a quick change without the help of additional tools.

To replace the knives, the electric planer is completed with a special allen key with a convenient handle.

The drive of the electric planer drum is belt-driven, which increases safety and eliminates the possibility of a drum jamming. The manufacturer also added a replacement drive belt to the electric planer.

The button for switching on the work of the electric planer is located in a convenient place in the main handle. It is possible to switch off the electric planer for work even with one index finger. An additional button is installed on the left. The buttons are made of high-quality plastic with a protrusion to ensure reliable grip with the fingers to prevent slipping. The switching mechanism is made in such a way that it was possible to turn on without fixing work and with fixing work in the case of stationary use of electric planer or for long planing without shutting down.

How to use a electric planer — using this device is not difficult.

For ease of use in each set enclosed instruction manual.

3 years warranty on the electric planer from the manufacturer is a serious bid for the quality of the product.

If you have questions? Ask them to our experts here in the chat on the site or fill out the contact form.

The company VEGA Professional is the manufacturer of electric planers, offers to buy a electric planer in Kharkov, Kiev, in Ukraine in the online store, as well as in the stores of our partners in retail and wholesale. We also offer entrepreneurs to become our partners. To do this, you need to leave a request on our website and in the near future we will contact you to discuss the details.”

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3 year warranty on the electric planer from the manufacturer — a serious bid for the quality of the product.

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