VEGA Professional VH-1350

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Perforator VH-1350 application

The electric perforator VEGA Professional VH-1350 is designed for drilling holes in concrete, making gates and channels in concrete and brick is used as professionals and as an inexpensive puncher for the house.

Why is it profitable to buy this perforator?

The electric perforator VH-1350 belongs to the class of light straight perforators.

The punch body is made of non-toxic polymeric materials without the characteristic smell of cheap plastic.

The cartridge of this model is self-clamping and ensures uninterrupted operation without slipping of drills and bits.

High-quality balancing — the punch is balanced in special laboratories for ease of use and proper balance during operation, which, together with low weight, ensures the use of a perforator with maximum efficiency.

For convenience, the plastic case in the places of contact with the hand is treated with a special material to ensure anti-slip.

Button punch work is in a convenient place near the nearest handle. It is possible to switch the punch on / off for operation while the handle is being gripped by the fingers. The button is made of high-quality plastic with a protrusion to ensure reliable grip with the finger to prevent slipping.

The gearbox is made of durable metal. Paint coating in the form of hammer paint. On the left side of the gearbox there is a switch of the punch operation modes.

This model has three modes of operation: drilling, hitting, hitting and drilling.

The switch of reverse rotational modes is made of special plastic and is located in a convenient place for the possibility of switching hands with one finger.

3 years warranty on the punch from the manufacturer is a serious bid for the quality of the goods.

How to use a perforator — using this device is not difficult.

For ease of use in each set enclosed instruction manual.

3 years warranty on the perforator from the manufacturer is a serious bid for the quality of the product.

If you have questions? Ask them to our experts here in the chat on the site or fill out the contact form.

Company VEGA Professional is manufacturer of perforators. It offers you to buy a perforator in Kharkov, Kiev, in Ukraine in the online store, as well as in the stores of our partners in retail and wholesale. We also offer entrepreneurs to become our partners. To do this, you need to leave a request on our website and in the near future we will contact you to discuss the details.”

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3 year warranty on the electric perforator from the manufacturer — a serious bid for the quality of the product.

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