VEGA Professional VC-2100

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Circular electric saw VC-2100 application

The VEGA Professional VC-2100 is designed for use in construction, home renovation, in the furniture industry, in woodworking, used as professionals and as an inexpensive manual circular house saw.

Why is it profitable to buy this circular saw?

The body of the circular saw is made of non-toxic polymeric materials without the characteristic smell of cheap plastic.

For convenience, the plastic case in the places of contact with the hand is treated with a special material to ensure anti-slip.

For convenience, the manual circular is equipped with an additional front handle. With this handle you can work with two hands.

The button for switching on the work of the circular saw is located in a convenient place in the front handle. It is possible to turn on the manual circular for work even with one index finger. An additional button is installed on the left. The buttons are made of high-quality plastic with a protrusion to ensure reliable grip with the fingers to prevent slipping. The switching mechanism is made in such a way that it was possible to turn on without fixing the work and with fixing the work in case of stationary use of the circular saw or for a long longitudinal cut of the board or chipboard without shutting down.

The upper stationary guard of the circular saw blade is made of durable steel. Paint coating in the form of hammer paint.

The lower protective casing is movable and moves away either with a special lever or when the casing touches a circular saw to the edge of the cut surface. After the end of the cut, the casing is pushed back by the action of the spring, thereby closing the cutting part of the cutting disc.

The locking mechanism of the cutting disc has the shape of a screw that clamps the plastic spacer rings. To change the disk using the usual open-end wrench.

The maximum diameter of the cutting disc is 185 mm.

The cutting depth at this disc size is 62 mm maximum.

For the convenience of cutting at a different angle of inclination, the circular saw is equipped with an adjustable platform with a maximum angle of 45 degrees.

The circular saw blade has a scale for ease of use. The adjustment is made by releasing (tightening) the adjusting screw. The adjusting screw is mounted in a convenient plastic handle.

The hand-held circular saw is equipped with an advanced cooling system, this ensures the durability of the motor. Thanks to this feature, the circular saw is a professional tool.

The kit of the circular saw includes two clamps for stationary operation.

How to use a circular saw — using this device is not difficult.

For ease of use in each set enclosed instruction manual.

3 year warranty on the hand-held circular saw from the manufacturer is a serious claim for the quality of the product.

If you have questions? Ask them to our experts here in the chat on the site or fill out the contact form.

The company VEGA Professional is the manufacturer of circular saws, offers to buy a circular saw in Kharkov, Kiev, in Ukraine in the online store, as well as in the stores of our partners in retail and wholesale. We also offer entrepreneurs to become our partners. To do this, you need to leave a request on our website and in the near future we will contact you to discuss the details.”

Buy a good hand-held circular saw

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3 year warranty on the hand-held circular saw from the manufacturer — a serious bid for the quality of the product.

VEGA Professional

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